Permanent Makeup

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Las Vegas, NV Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Frank L. Stile is thrilled to offer permanent makeup to those who are seeking to enhance their appearance. Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing and can include areola restoration, hair simulation, cleft lip scar color restoration, scar re-pigmentation, and color corrections on old permanent makeup. 

It is a great cosmetic option for men, women, and children. Stile Aesthetics’ skilled Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist, Tennille, has more than 10 years of experience within the permanent makeup field. She utilizes various techniques that can create a natural and stunning makeup or color restoration that you will love. 

Some makeup artists use stencils or markings along the treatment area, but Tennille follows the creases and ridges of your unique bone structure for optimal results. If you are interested in learning more, call our Las Vegas, NV office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Tennille.

What is permanent makeup?

Below is a list of the following services that we offer at Stile Aesthetics:

  • Permanent Eyebrows/Hair Simulation
  • Permanent Full Lip Color Restoration/Cleft Lip Symmetry
  • Permanent Eyeliner/Eye Definition
  • Scar Revisions and Re-Pigmentation
  • Areola Restoration
  • Camouflage/Corrective Color
  • Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting 

When undergoing a permanent makeup procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations. Since permanent makeup is a tattoo, it will look like a tattoo and act like a tattoo. This means occasional touch-ups may be necessary. Our highly experienced Aesthetician and Professional Permanent Makeup Artist, Tennille will also utilize various techniques to make your tattoo(s) look as natural as possible

For example, Tennille will follow the natural bone structure of your face when applying permanent eyebrows and eyeliner to create an organic appearance. Prior to any permanent makeup procedure, Tennille will provide a complimentary consultation to understand your cosmetic concerns and goals. This time will also help Tennille to better understand your skin and facial structure to create a cosmetic plan that is ideal for you. 

Topical anesthesia will also be applied to the target area to diminish any discomfort. However, your session and healing will vary depending on the area(s) you are wanting to tattoo. Tennille commonly uses a 3-step method that involves breaking the skin, depositing the pigment, and then reviewing the pigment deposits to make sure the skin took to the ink.


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*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a good candidate for permanent makeup?

The ideal candidates for cosmetic tattoo treatment are:

  • Men and women who are looking to improve their facial profile due to trauma or alopecia.
  • Patients who would like to enhance their facial appearance.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatment time depends on the permanent makeup service being performed and the patient’s unique needs.

What results will I see?*

After a permanent makeup session, patients will be able to wake up every morning with makeup that brings out their best features and diminishes their flaws.

Is there any downtime?

There’s no downtime after a permanent makeup session. After your session, Tennille will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. She will also be able to educate you on proper skincare to best understand how to maintain and care for your tattoo(s). 

It is very common for patients to return to Tennille for touch-ups, especially if they desire a fuller or darker look. Therefore, once you have undergone your procedure, a follow-up appointment with Tennille may be necessary or desired for a stronger look. The results will yield a beautiful natural appearance.

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*Individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary