Transgender Surgery

Enjoy life in your desired gender

We’re not always born with the gender we identify with most. That’s why transgender surgical procedures are life-changing for some patients. Here at Stile Aesthetics, we offer a number of transgender procedures to help patients bring out their true self. Gender confirmation or re-assignment treatments may sometimes be covered by medical insurance. 

What is transgender surgery?

Transgender surgery is performed to physically change your gender characteristics. If a patient is a man with the desire to be a woman or vise versa, they may benefit from it. 

Once Dr. Stile understands a patient’s unique goals, he’ll design a customized surgical plan that will help achieve them. A typical transgender surgery includes one or a combination of procedures such as subcutaneous mastectomy, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and/or body contouring. 


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Transgender Surgery Las Vegas


*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a good candidate for transgender surgery?

Good candidates for transgender surgery:

  • Feel uncomfortable in your current gender.
  • Have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
  • Have a strong desire to be a different gender.
  • Would like the sexual characteristics of a different gender.

What results will I see?*

Patients treated with transgender surgery often see the features of a desired different gender. This typically means newly defined contours and leads to improved self-confidence and a higher quality of life

What is the recovery process like?*

Transgender surgery may involve a single procedure or multiple surgeries at once. The most extensive procedure will dictate a patient’s recovery process. Patients should plan to take a few weeks off work and social activities. Dr. Stile will provide them with detailed recovery instructions before and after the procedure. 

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*Individual results may vary

Transgender Surgery Las Vegas


*Individual results may vary