How Long is Recovery After Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Las Vegas

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Gynecomastia is a common condition that can be difficult to deal with. When you feel self-conscious about your chest, it may affect your day-to-day life and even prevent you from socializing or being intimate in certain situations. Fortunately for those who suffer from gynecomastia, Dr. Stile offers male breast reduction surgery, so the tissues around the breasts are removed and appear more natural! After having a male breast reduction procedure done, how long does recovery take


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What Should I Expect From Gynecomastia Surgery?

During gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Stile will use a combination of liposuction and surgical breast tissue excision to create a smooth more masculine chest contour.  Your result will continue to improve over the three months following your surgery and develop into an improved chest shape. 

An incision around the areola is made before removing dense breast tissue and excess fat while leaving you with immediate results that gradually improve over time until it tightens up after several months have passed on.

How Long is Recovery from Gynecomastia?

After your male breast reduction, Dr. Stile will urge you to keep your upper body movement to a minimum for at least 3 days. You can return to work within 7-10 days and resume low-impact exercises 2-3 weeks after surgery.

What are the Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Men who get a male breast reduction surgery experience higher self-esteem, less back pain, and improved mobility. They also enjoy a reduced risk of cancer by getting rid of excess estrogen in the breasts that affect hormone levels.


Am I a Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

If you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly but still suffer from large breasts, gynecomastia surgery may be an option for you. Dr. Stile will conduct exams to ensure that the poor elasticity in your nipple region isn’t the result of another health issue before starting treatment methodologies such as liposuction or breast reduction surgeries. 

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