Medical Weight Loss Las Vegas

Why Consider Medical Weight Loss?

As successful as Dr. Stile’s procedures are, the success is short-lived if the patient suffers from unhealthy life habits. To help ensure that aesthetic success preserves long-term, board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank L. Stile is pleased to offer a medical weight loss program at Stile Aesthetics in Las Vegas, NV. Medical weight loss is a comprehensive approach to losing weight under the rigorous supervision of a medical professional. 

This method of weight loss is critical for anyone wishing to not only lose weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term. With his patient’s best interests as his primary concern, Dr. Stile is offering his practice as the headquarters for a body health plan.

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Learn More About Medical Weight Loss

Separate from our surgical procedures, our medical weight loss program is designed to stimulate weight loss. This program includes the combined statistical consideration of body composition, body analysis, and EKG. From there, the studied data will be used to craft custom exercise and diet plans as well as supplement recommendations

Understanding that an endeavor of this scale can be daunting, Stile Aesthetics will also be certain to provide emotional support as needed. It’s critical to understand that this program, while it may be used in conjunction with surgical procedures, is separate from cosmetic procedures such as liposuction.

The ideal candidates for this weight loss program:

  • Are significantly overweight or desire to be slimmer.
  • Have struggled with weight loss for years with no long-term solution.
  • Are overwhelmed with how to start losing weight.

Treatment time depends on a patient’s unique situation and weight loss plan. Every weight loss plan is customized to the individual’s needs.

Medical weight loss is an incredibly successful tactic to combat the challenges of obesity and high body mass index (or BMI as it’s commonly known). However, it is critical that the patient is motivated to see themselves through to the results, as Dr. Stile can only merely administer the plan for change. 

Medical weight loss comes with no downtime since it is not a single treatment but a plan involving diet and lifestyle changes. Supplements may be included in the weight loss plan, which may have mild side effects. Dr. Stile will discuss these considerations in detail with you during a consultation. 

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