What Is Venus Versa™?


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Acne can be a frustrating, hard-to-manage condition that affects your self-esteem. Treat your acne with Venus Versa™ AcneDual, an effective light-based acne control system. This innovative technology reduces inflammation and controls acne breakouts. At the same time, it provides powerful skin rejuvenation for smoother, clearer skin. 

What is Venus Versa™?

Venus Versa™ AcneDual is a non-invasive acne and skin rejuvenation treatment. It uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reduce pore-clogging layers of dead skin, and calm inflammation. This effective treatment offers long-lasting acne control, and repeated treatments will provide smoother, more even skin with smaller pores and fewer acne scars. Venus Versa™ provides acne control with none of the side effects of topical or oral acne treatments. This flexible system can also treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the brown or red coloration that can form after acne breakouts.

How Does Venus Versa™ Work?

Venus Versa™ AcneDual uses IPL technology. Dr. Stile and his team use it to precisely target pulses of light to your skin. This energy eliminates the bacteria that contribute to acne formation. It also calms redness and inflammation, making breakouts less visible and uncomfortable. It also triggers new collagen formation in deeper layers of the skin, resulting in firmer, more even skin and tighter pores. Venus Versa™ is a customizable treatment that can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

What to Expect During a Venus Versa™ Treatment

The Venus Versa™ treatment experience can take as little as 30 minutes. The handheld device emits pulses of light, which people often describe as feeling tingly or warm. Most people do not experience any discomfort. Most people will need more than one session to achieve acne control. Each person’s skin responds differently to treatment. We will work with you to develop a plan that results in lasting clear skin. Venus Versa™ AcneDual treatments fit into even the busiest schedules for simple, convenient acne control.


Is There Any Downtime With Venus Versa™?

One of the best benefits of Venus Versa™ is the lack of downtime. You can return to your usual routine without delay. Your skin may look flushed and feel warm for a few hours after treatment, but this fades quickly and leaves your skin glowing. Light-based treatments make your skin more sun-sensitive, so use sun protection and avoid excessive exposure after each treatment. Your provider may tell you to limit the use of some topical acne treatments for a few days after having Venus Versa™. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Venus Versa™?

Venus Versa™ AcneDual is safe for all skin types and tones, even sensitive skin. Good candidates for this treatment want to achieve lasting acne control and improved skin. Venus Versa™ is recommended for almost anyone struggling with acne breakouts.

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