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Improve the look of your breasts

Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Frank L. Stile performs removal and replacement of breast implants at Stile Aesthetics in Las Vegas, NV to improve the look and shape of breasts.  Dr. Stile also performs breast augmentation revision to improve changes or sub-optimal results from previous procedures.

Candidates for removal and replacement of breast implants desire to have previously placed breast prostheses (implants) removed because of the age of the implants (10 years or greater), desire to have bigger or smaller implants or for relief of symptoms related to the implants. Implant types may be changed as well.  

Currently, Dr. Stile performs En-Bloc removal of implants and the surrounding capsules for patients who are having health-related concerns that they believe may be related to the implants

Presently, many women who currently have saline implants opt to have them replaced with silicone-cohesive-gel “gummy-bear” implants. The result is a softer less-rippled and beautifully natural looking breast shape.

What is breast augmentation revision surgery?

Breast implant replacement is usually very similar to the initial breast augmentation surgery. The extent or type of revision depends on the issue needing to be addressed. For women who are getting a smaller size or removal, a breast lift may be necessary to correct loose skin. 

For patients who have scar tissue (capsular contracture), rippling, double bubble deformity, Synmastia, or an implant rupture, a reconstructive procedure will be selected and performed to correct the issue and prevent a recurrence. Dr. Stile will address the issue at hand thoroughly with you including all the options available.


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*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a good candidate for breast revision surgery?

Breast implant replacement may be needed due to a breast augmentation procedure that did not turn out well, an implant that is malfunctioning, or for a simple change of aesthetics. Women decide to have this procedure for a number of different reasons, including:

A desire to have a different breast size or implant type

After having breast implants for several years, some women may decide to change the size of their implants to smaller or larger ones. This may be a personal aesthetic preference to improve shape. The type of implant may also be changed as with the case of saline implants to silicone or cohesive gel implants. Revision procedures may also be necessary as a woman’s weight fluctuates or with advancing age.

The removal of breast implants

Some women desire to have their breast implants removed altogether as they no longer wish to have them or have a medical condition that requires the removal. Implants alone may be removed or the entire capsule can be removed as well if patients feel they are having implant related symptoms.

Implant rupture

A silicone implant rupture usually happens and goes undetected until the shape of the breast is noticeably different or is detected with an MRI. However, a saline implant will immediately deflate. Both require urgent surgical intervention.

Double bubble

A double bubble refers to the breast implant being placed incorrectly or from the implant shifting downward below the fold under the breast giving the appearance of a double breast. This can happen on one or both breasts.

Scarring or capsular contracture

Scarring can cause breast implants to lose their shape, feel very hard and sometimes be uncomfortable. Scar tissue that develops around the implant has to be surgically removed and a new implant placed for the best results and lowest chance of recurrence.


The loss of a cleavage line or the joining of breasts in the middle of the chest may result from an overly aggressive or poorly designed breast augmentation surgery. This results in the appearance of one breast or joined breasts – symmastia.

Breast rippling

When a breast implant develops a ripple or a wrinkle within itself, it sometimes can be seen through the skin around the outside of the patient’s breast(s). This rippling can happen with saline or silicone implants but more so with saline implants. Rippling can occur within one or both breasts. Loss of weight and or breast tissue can also make ripples more obvious.

What results will I see?*

After breast revision surgery, women will enjoy an improved look and feel of their breasts. Any issues that occurred with their initial breast augmentation surgery will be resolved. 

What is the recovery process like?*

Breast revision patients will again be educated on how to properly care for their new results. Focused wound care, support/recovery bras and patient education will be provided to help reduce the recurrence of these deformities. There may be significant bruising and swelling for the first couple of weeks following your procedure. 

Patients should limit strenuous exercise, but get up and move around to promote healing and blood circulation. Most patients recover in 4-8 weeks and are extremely happy with their breast revision results.

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*Individual results may vary


*Individual results may vary