Face & Neck Lift for Men

Look younger and more masculine 

As men age, many of them develop loose skin and fat in the face and neck area. When this occurs it can cause an aged appearance that takes away from their self-confidence and affects their quality of life. 

Dr. Stile of Stile Aesthetics can perform a male facelift and male neck lift to tighten the skin and rejuvenate the face, neck, and jawline while maintaining a masculine appearance.

What is a male face and neck lift?

Each patient has their own unique aesthetic goals, so Dr. Stile will assess them to design the ideal treatment plan. In most cases, patients require both a male facelift and a male neck lift

However, there are rare instances where solely a neck lift alone can suffice. The goal of both procedures is to resolve skin laxity while still preserving a masculine, natural appearance. A male face and neck lift typically takes between 4-5 hours to complete. 


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Face and Neck Lift for Men Las Vegas


*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a good candidate for a male face and neck lift?

Good candidates for male face and neck lifts are men who:

  • Have skin laxity on their face and neck.
  • Are concerned about sagging cheeks or a double chin.
  • Have jowls.
  • Worsening neck bands.
  • Desire greater definition in their jawline.
  • Would like to restore their youth.

What results will I see?*

Men who undergo a male facelift and male neck lift procedures can expect a more youthful appearance in their face and neck. They’ll have an improved neck angle, no more neckbands, and tighter skin. 

What is the recovery process like?*

After a male facelift and male neck lift, the patient will have swelling and bruising for about 2-3 weeks. They’ll be required to wear special dressings and may have a surgical drain that is removed a day after the procedure. 

About 7-10 days following surgery, Dr. Stile will remove their sutures. While patients will be able to return to work within one to two weeks if they have a desk job, they’ll need to avoid heavy lifting and vigorous physical activity for 4 weeks. 

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*Individual results may vary

Face and Neck Lift for Men Las Vegas


*Individual results may vary