How Long Is Recovery From Breast Augmentation?

March 18, 2021

Breast Augmentation Las Vegas

Breast augmentation is one of the leading cosmetic procedures conducted each year. Breast augmentation is a breast enlargement procedure that gets carried out for various reasons, such as restoring volume following weight loss or because of hypomastia (small breasts).

Dr. Frank Stile, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers breast augmentation surgery at his Las Vegas, NV facility, Stile Aesthetics. The following explains more about the process and how long you can expect to recover from the procedure.


*Individual Results May Vary


Thousands of women opt for breast augmentation procedures each year. The process involves inserting silicone or saline-filled breast implants, either behind the breast or under the chest muscle.

Dr. Stile often utilizes an insertion method known as the “dual-plan method.” This is where the upper two-thirds of the implant gets placed under the pectoralis major. It’s a muscle that makes up the bulk of the chest muscles and is situated under the breast.

Breast augmentation yields results that are natural-looking and feel soft to the touch. It also ensures that the breast moves more naturally during physical activity. Breast implants are available in various shapes, sizes, and types.


After a patient has a breast augmentation procedure from Dr. Stile, they can expect to feel sore, and there will be noticeable bruising and swelling up to two weeks after the surgery.

Dr. Stile recommends that patients rest for two weeks after the surgery to aid the healing process and rebuild their strength. The good news is most patients will experience a full recovery four to eight weeks after the surgery.

Patients should adhere to their post-surgical care instructions during the recovery phase and take their prescribed pain medication. Most patients can return to work 10 to 14 days after their surgery.


Breast augmentation surgery performed by Stile Aesthetics is a cosmetic procedure that can lead to improved breast shape and size. It can also help patients feel more youthful and boost their self-confidence.

Some patients may opt for breast augmentation with a lift. It’s a procedure that gives the breast a more ‘perkier’ appearance and restores lost volume caused by sagging. All breasts sag as a woman gets older; a breast lift helps create a more youthful-looking breast.

Breast augmentation gets performed on an outpatient basis, and recovery time is short for patients that wish to return to work as soon as possible.


You could be a candidate for breast augmentation if you are unhappy with your breasts’ current shape and size. You may also be a good candidate if your breasts have lost their firmness or fullness, or one breast appears larger than the other.

Breast augmentation surgery is available to patients aged 18 or older for saline implants and 21 or older for silicone implants.


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