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Venus Freeze Las Vegas

Have you ever wished for a way to freeze your appearance at a certain age? Now you can, with Venus Freeze Plus™. At Stile Aesthetics in Las Vegas, we’ve perfected the art of skin tightening with this advanced technology, so you can minimize wrinkles, rebuild collagen and elastin, and have the smooth, youthful skin you’ve always wanted.


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Venus Freeze Las Vegas


*Individual Results May Vary

What is Venus Freeze Plus™?

Venus Freeze Plus™ uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (MP2) technology to diminish wrinkles and tighten skin without surgery. MP2 works by gently heating the tissues deep in your skin, where the RF and EMF energies stimulate collagen and elastin fibers into production and tighten cells. This non-invasive process is remarkable for treating acne, skin resurfacing, body contouring, cellulite reduction, tightening loose skin, and all but erasing wrinkles. With Real-Time Thermal Feedback, your Stile Aesthetics Las Vegas Skin Pro can maintain therapeutic heat levels for maximum patient comfort and results. The treatment itself is not painful. In fact, many patients liken it to a relaxing hot stone massage. 

We often recommend a series of 6-10 treatments for most patients scheduled 1 week apart to achieve their aesthetic goals, though many see measurable improvement after only 3 sessions. The results will also continue to improve over time. Call our Las Vegas, NV office today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how a Venus Freeze Plus™ treatment can benefit your skin.

Am I a Good Candidate for Venus Freeze Plus™?

If you’re concerned about deepening lines and wrinkles, or you have skin laxity that your over-the-counter products are no longer improving, you may be an ideal candidate for Venus Freeze Plus™. Because RF and EMF energies bypass the skin’s surface to target deeper tissues, Venus Freeze Plus™ is safe for all skin types.

How Long Does a Venus Freeze Plus™ Treatment Take?

Your relaxing Venus Freeze Plus™ treatment is fast, taking around 30 minutes to complete depending on the number of areas you’re having treated. After your session, you may return to your normal routine.

What Results Will I See?

Venus Freeze Plus™ patients often see results in as few as 3 sessions, with improvements continuing to accumulate for an additional 3-4 months. You can prolong your treatment results with additional maintenance treatments after your initial series is complete. With improved collagen and elastin production, your skin can continue looking beautifully smooth and young.

Is There any Downtime?

Not only does the Venus Freeze Plus™ treatment require no downtime, but it’s also so relaxing and soothing, but it can also recharge your batteries, much like a hot stone massage.

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*Individual results may vary

Venus Freeze Las Vegas


*Individual results may vary