Dr. Stile On Capsulotomies and Breast Implants

June 24, 2020

Breast Augmentation Las Vegas

“I had my implants for the last 8 years, my breasts feel different. Should I consult a doctor?” This is a common question that I get at my practice, Stile Aesthetics. The questions that you want to ask yourself include: “Is your breast high-riding?” “Is it misshapen?” “Does your breast appear very ball-like?” “ Does the breast hurt?” And “is the breast firm or even hard?” If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have something called a “capsular contracture”


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Capsular contracture is the formation of scar tissue around a breast implant that results from a thickened implant capsule. Typically the capsule is part of normal healing around the implant. It is your body’s way of “walling off” a foreign object. It is usually not detectable to the touch and does not affect breast shape. (1). It is now believed that genetics may play a significant role in capsular contracture formation.

breast augmentation surgery with capsulectomy, treats capsular contraction by removing the surrounding scar tissue and treating the patient and the breast implant pocket with antibiotics. A new pair of implants are then reinserted, restoring the shape and the soft feel of your breasts.

Here at Stile Aesthetics we have done hundreds of capsulotomies as part of removing and replacing older implants. The procedure usually takes less than two hours and patients return home the same day. During your consultation I can provide you with a detailed explanation of this surgery. I will also provide you with an explanation of the unique approach that we will take tailored to address your needs.

-Frank Stile MD, FACS.


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