What to Expect After IPL PhotoFacial

IPL PhotoFacial Las Vegas

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An IPL (intense pulsed light) PhotoFacial targets areas of pigmentation and discoloration in the skin, evening out skin tones and helping to treat conditions like sun damage, acne scarring, rosacea, spider veins, and birthmarks. This treatment addresses many different conditions related to pigmentation and uneven skin tone without damaging the surrounding skin.

Ipl Photofacial Las Vegas

What is an IPL PhotoFacial?

An IPL device emits pulses of light across a broad spectrum, allowing it to target and treat several different types of skin concerns at the same time. This light targets areas of pigmentation, including brown marks from sun damage or aging and redness from rosacea or spider veins. It can also remove hair by targeting the pigments in the hair roots and deactivating the hair follicles. 

The IPL travels through the outer layer of the skin to the dermis, where the light energy contacts pigment molecules and becomes converted into heat. This causes the pigment to heat up and break down. This fragmented pigment may turn darker for a few days before disappearing, 

What is Getting an IPL PhotoFacial Like?

A wand emitting pulses of light will be moved over your skin. Many people compare the pulse from IPL to a snap like a rubber band. Treatment will take about 20-30 minutes for one area. Most people need anywhere from four to six treatments spaced one month apart to let the skin recover. 


Is There Any Downtime After an IPL PhotoFacial?

Your skin may look sunburned for the next several hours. Sensitivity can last a few days, and you should avoid using any harsh chemicals on your face during this time. You can return to your normal routine, but use sunscreen to protect your healing skin. 

Am I a Good Candidate for an IPL PhotoFacial?

If you have a condition such as uneven skin tone, rosacea, sun damage, or signs of aging, you may be a good candidate for an IPL PhotoFacial. If you have an active skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, or if you are pregnant, you might not be a good candidate, so talk to your Stile Aesthetics provider. 

What Results Will I See After My IPL PhotoFacial?

Immediately after the procedure, you will see your skin look bright red and slightly swollen. This will go away after a few hours. Over the next few weeks, your skin tone will continue to improve as your body clears away the remaining pigment particles. Over the course of several sessions, you can expect ongoing improvement in skin evenness and tone. People with conditions like rosacea can see a dramatic improvement in their redness. 

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