Am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Las Vegas Breast Reduction

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If your large breasts cause discomfort and make you self-conscious, you may find yourself wondering if you would be a good candidate for surgery to make them smaller. Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast volume. You will achieve more shapely, proportionately sized breasts that make you feel confident. 

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a surgical procedure that decreases the size of your breasts. A breast reduction can provide breasts that give you a more balanced appearance. Many women find that breast reduction relieves back pain and lets them exercise and play sports with less discomfort. 


*Individual Results May Vary

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Good candidates for reduction mammoplasty want to achieve smaller, more proportionate breasts. Dr. Stile will determine on an individual basis whether those under the age of 18 are appropriate candidates. You may not be a good candidate if you have significant health problems or are pregnant. 

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction can have physical and emotional benefits. For most women seeking this procedure, appearance is only one of their concerns. Breast reduction benefits include:

  • Less pain in your shoulders, neck, and back
  • Ability to wear more comfortable or stylish clothes
  • Freedom from unwelcome attention on your breasts
  • Increased confidence
  • No more under-breast skin problems

If your breasts have been a source of pain and frustration, reduction mammaplasty may be the solution you have hoped for. 

How Does Breast Reduction Work?

Breast reduction removes excess breast volume and skin to resize and shape the breasts. A typical breast reduction uses an incision in the crease under the breast, from the areola to the crease, and around the areola. Dr. Stile may use liposuction to decrease breast size. He will remove excess skin and will often perform a breast lift to achieve an attractive final shape. You can expect to lose one to several cup sizes as a result of the surgery. 


How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

Each breast reduction is a customized procedure. Your cost will vary, and we recommend a consultation in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Factors that affect reduction mammaplasty costs include:

  • Your provider’s skill and qualifications
  • Your location
  • The complexity of your procedure
  • Additional expenses

The average cost of breast reduction is approximately $5500. This does not include additional fees, anesthesia, post-surgical garments, and medications. 

What is Recovery Like After Breast Reduction?

You will return home after the surgery wearing a surgical support bra. It will minimize swelling and support your healing breasts. Most people can return to work and light activities after two weeks. You can return to most of your usual activities after four weeks. Follow all your post-surgical instructions to make sure you heal without problems. 

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