How Does Breast Revision Work?


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Breast implants are FDA-approved and widely tested for safety, so serious problems are extremely rare. However, you might want or need breast revision for many reasons. This procedure corrects problems or improves the appearance of your breasts after an earlier breast augmentation. 

What is Breast Revision?

Breast implants can occasionally develop problems that affect how they look or feel. In some cases, women feel dissatisfied with a previous surgeon’s work. Even if you are generally happy with your breasts, they should be replaced every ten to twenty years. Breast revision is a procedure that removes and replaces breast implants. You may choose this procedure for various reasons, or it may become necessary if your implant develops a problem.  


*Individual Results May Vary

How Does Breast Revision Work?

Breast revision works very much like your original breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Stile will choose his surgical strategy based on your concerns. In the simplest type of breast implant revision, he will remove an old or unsatisfactory implant and place a new one. The type of incision used depends on which will allow optimal results with minimal scarring. 

Capsular contracture is a relatively common problem. It occurs when scar tissue forms around the pocket holding the implant. Dr. Stile will perform a capsulotomy or remove the scar tissue before placing new implants. Capsular contracture can develop at any point after getting implants. It should only be treated by a surgeon experienced in breast implant revision. 

Do I Need Breast Implant Revision?

Some breast revisions are performed to improve the aesthetics of your breasts, while others are performed to correct physical problems or undesirable results from a past breast augmentation. You might get breast revision if

  • You want to change your implant size or type
  • Your breast augmentation results are not what you hoped for
  • Your breasts have been affected by aging, weight changes, or pregnancy
  • You have developed capsular contractures around your implants
  • You develop a leak in one of your implants
  • Your implant has developed a rippled texture
  • Your breasts look like they are joined in the middle (symmastia)
  • Your implants have shifted or lowered (a “double bubble”)

Implant technology improves all the time. Breast revision lets you replace outdated implants with newer ones with an improved look and feel. Dr. Stile has extensive experience helping women achieve their breast goals, even if they had unsatisfactory results in the past. 


What is Recovery Like After Breast Revision?

Women who have had breast augmentation can expect a similar recovery after breast revision. Following wound care instructions and wearing your support garment will help your breasts heal without a recurrence of your previous issues. Most people can return to non-strenuous jobs after a week or two. You can expect swelling and bruising to last several weeks, and full results can take a few months to evolve. 

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