How Much is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift Las Vegas

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The popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift has led to the rise in more artistic forms of buttock enhancement, such as the fat transfer method. Patients are reluctant to implant silicone medical devices to shape their posterior, and the fat transfer is a more natural alternative. It has the added bonus of slimming down the abdomen, flanks and thighs — from where the fat is typically harvested. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank L. Stile has a particular talent for the fat transfer buttock enhancement, and he has helped many patients achieve a pleasingly shaped backside.


*Individual Results May Vary

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

To achieve well-sculpted buttocks, Dr. Stile uses the tumescent liposculpture technique to extract fat cells from other areas of the body for injection into the butt cheeks (gluteal region). You can have fat harvested/transfered  from the upper back, arms, flanks, abdomen, and inner/outer thighs. Dr. Stile can use the extraction process to enhance your contours to showcase your more dramatic posterior curves. Once the fat is extracted, Dr. Stile purifies the harvested fat to ensure only the healthiest fat cells get transferred. 

This improves cellular uptake, or those cells’ ability to reintegrate with your blood supply. The better the integration, the longer these fat cells will maintain their position, which could be years or even a lifetime. You’ll have a smooth, beautifully plump posterior framed by a slender waistline and thighs.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists the average cost in 2020 of a Brazilian Butt Lift with the fat grafting technique at $4,807. 

Stile Aesthetics works with leading medical lending companies to give you the best options for financing available. We believe cosmetic enhancement is an investment not only in your outward appearance but your inner health and mental well-being, too. As such, we’ve priced our procedures as competitively as possible. Because your treatment will be undertaken in our Premium Surgical Services Center, we have more control over facility fees and anesthesia costs, so we can save you money while still providing the world-class service we’re known for. 


Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are in overall good health and understand what the procedure can do for their overall body shape. Patients with good skin elasticity and enough fat to donate see the best results and often enjoy the slimming effects in the donor area that showcase the drama of their newly sculpted posterior. Dr. Stile will perform a comprehensive evaluation and talk with you extensively about your expectations during your consultation.

What Results Can I Expect?

When you first awaken from your Brazilian butt lift fat transfer procedure, you may notice your proportions are exaggerated. Don’t panic! First, you’re bound to have some swelling from the procedure itself, and there’s typically some tumescent fluid remaining from the fat extraction process. Dr. Stile will also transfer more fat cells into the area than he expects to reintegrate into your blood supply. About 20% of your transfered fat will be reabsorbed harmlessly by the body. 

As you heal, your contours will settle into the shape more closely related to what you’ve discussed with Dr. Stile before your procedure. While new fat cells won’t return to the liposuction areas, existing fat cells can still fluctuate in size. Provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy your shapely, flattering physique and plump backside for years to come.

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