Is an Eyelid Lift Permanent?

June 1, 2024

Eyelid Lift Las Vegas

If signs of aging around your eyes are making you look tired or older, eye creams may not provide results anymore. An eyelid lift rejuvenates the delicate eye area for a refreshed, wide-awake look. This procedure works on the upper or lower eyelids to address concerns like undereye bags, drooping eyelids, and much more. 

What is an Eyelid Lift or Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is the formal name for an eyelid lift, a procedure performed on the eyelids to restore a tighter, more youthful appearance. This procedure can be performed on the upper lids to address concerns such as drooping, wrinkles, or crepey skin. It can also be performed on the lower lids to treat puffiness, undereye bags, and a sagging, tired appearance. Many people choose to have the upper and lower lids treated for total rejuvenation. 


*Individual Results May Vary

How is an Eyelid Lift Performed?

Dr. Stile at Stile Aesthetics will customize your procedure to meet your needs. An upper eyelid lift uses an incision hidden in a natural eyelid fold. Loose skin and excess fat are removed, and the skin is tightened for a smoother, refreshed look. 

A lower eyelid lift usually uses an incision along the lower lash line, although some people can have it inside the lower eyelid. Dr. Stile tightens loose skin and removes or repositions fat pads to achieve a smoother, flatter appearance. Dermal fillers or fat transfer may be used to restore volume to hollow, shadowed areas under the eyes. 

Is an Eyelid Lift Permanent?

While the results of an eyelid lift are long-lasting, signs of aging will still occur over time. Most people are pleased with their results for at least ten to fifteen years. The best ways to help your results last longer include:

  • Use sunscreen around the eye area and wear UV-blocking sunglasses
  • Use quality skincare products designed for the eye area
  • Treat your eyelid skin gently and avoid rubbing it

If you choose to have your eyelid lift results touched up in the future, Dr. Stile and his team will be happy to help. Many people do not feel the need to have any future procedures are feel that their signs of aging are less noticeable than they would have been without blepharoplasty. 

What is Recovery Like After an Eyelid Lift?

Recovery after blepharoplasty is usually straightforward and uncomplicated, but each person’s experience is unique. Most people experience some bruising, swelling, and soreness after their procedure. Cold compresses and resting with your head elevated will reduce swelling, and you will receive pain medication as needed. 

Most people return to work after a week, although you will still have some swelling. You will look almost back to normal within two weeks. Dr. Stile will usually clear you to resume your exercise routine at this point if you have healed as expected. 

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*Individual results may vary