Laser Hair Removal Las Vegas at Dr. Stile’s Skin Clinic

March 10, 2018

When you think about the word “hair”, what usually comes to mind is the hair on your head. We consider this hair good, as we can mold it and shape it to our will as a way to showcase our individuality. The hair on our head also protects our scalp from the damaging rays of the sun, so it acts with form and function. However, not all hair is made equal, and there is a lot of hair on our bodies that we wish we could just get rid of entirely. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to systematically remove unwanted hair follicles, one hair string at a time. To do this, we rely on modern science-backed platforms. One option is Cutera’s laser hair removal platform.


While some platforms cater to specific individuals with specific needs, the majority of people don’t necessarily need a custom laser with options specifically for them, as these options can be more expensive. Cutera has set out to be the leading solution for “all skin type” hair removal solutions. According to Cutera’s Cutera solutions description page, “laser hair removal is the #1 requested aesthetic procedure”. Seeing this, Cutera has set out to be able to cater to every single individual that would like to remove their unwanted hair through laser hair removal means.


To get rid of unwanted hair, a concentrated laser beam is aimed over the treatment area, which that damages the hair follicles lying under the skin, stunting their growth. Depending on the person’s pain tolerance, the patient may or may not experience slight pain. However, the procedure is completely safe. The procedure will remove the body’s ability to grow hair in the treatment are from several months to years. This varies person to person, so it’s difficult to give correct estimates. Note that the procedure is NOT permanent, and like any other personal care procedure, it will require maintenance and follow-up to keep your results. Also, multiple treatments may be needed, as some hair colors are less effective to treat than others.


The number of treatments a person will need varies greatly from person to person, as there are many factors we need to take into consideration. These factors include skin color, skin condition, and hair color. For the absolute best results, it is recommended that multiple treatments be performed, since the laser hair removal process is dependent on the hair follicle’s active growth phase. Note that the size of the area being treated also should be taken into consideration when researching how many treatments you will need, as well as the hair concentration in the treatment area. Like CoolSculpting, laser hair removal will take about 4-5 treatments to see outstanding results. In our experience, when patients opt in for 4-5 treatments, they reduce their unwanted body hair by around 80% – an incredible reduction.

If you are interested in our laser hair reduction platform, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our wonderful staff by giving us a call at 702-243-9555 or filling out the contact form on the sidebar. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you at my practice soon!


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