Recovering After Breast Augmentation/Implant Surgery

July 6, 2018

Breast Augmentation Las Vegas

After your breast augmentation surgery, you will experience some pain, swelling and bruising directly after you have breast implant surgery.

Your chest may feel a bit tight and your breathing may become more difficult for smooth breaths. This is completely normal and your symptoms will improve greatly within a week or two.

Upon completion of you breast augmentation, you will usually remain at the premium surgical services center. You will be guided to sit in an upright position. This will help to keep you comfortable and to reduce the swelling that will occur. If needed, painkillers can be provided.

When you return home after your cosmetic surgery (usually the same day as the operation) it is suggested to take over-the-counter drugs such as paracetamol. Do
not take ibuprofen.

Once you have returned home it is crucial to get plenty of rest and allow your body time to recover. Avoid excess use of your arms and chest area as it can possibly cause more irritation and bleeding. You may feel your breasts are a bit hard while experiencing some painful sharp pains and/or general discomfort. Sometimes, these symptoms will last for a couple weeks.

For best results of your aftercare, follow the advice given by your surgeon. In most cases there will be multiple follow-ups so your surgeon can track your recovery.

Avoid the following after breast implant surgery:

  • Sleeping face down for one month
  • Getting wounds wet for one week
  • Physical exercise and no heavy lifting for four weeks
  • Driving for at least one week

Some surgeons additionally recommend wearing a tight-fitting sports bra 24 hours-a-day following breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended you take about two weeks off of work after your procedure to allow a full recovery. You will be mobile from the get-go and back to full exercise within six weeks. Ensure you do not expose your incision markings with direct sunlight for about one year.

Make sure to obtain a record of your details for your breast implants such as:

  • Manufacturer
  • Style
  • Serial Number
  • Batch Number (lot number)

If you experience any of the following unexpected symptoms or if you experience severe pain, contact your surgeon or GP immediately:

  • Severe Breast Pain
  • Redness of skin on your breast(s)
  • Deflated Breast or Implants
  • Unusual, unexpected or excessive swelling in/around your breast(s)
  • Smelly or colored discharge from your wounds
  • Fever above 100.4°F
  • Lumps that cause you concern

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