What is Recovery Like After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

June 10, 2024

Brazilian Butt Lift Las Vegas

The classic hourglass figure is always in style, but not all of us are born with the curves we wish for. A Brazilian butt lift gives you the fuller, more shapely buttocks you want while shaping your midsection to enhance your figure. This procedure provides extraordinary results that can give you a tremendous boost of confidence. 

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you have been wishing for a larger, more shapely butt, you have a few different options. While some people may choose butt implants, these are rarely an ideal option. They tend to look and feel unnatural, and they can move around over time. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses your own fat for natural-looking results, providing your desired shape with long-lasting results. As a bonus, the fat for your buttocks comes from another area of your body, leaving it slimmer and more sculpted. 


Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Las Vegas

*Individual Results May Vary

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Dr. Stile performs a Brazilian butt lift by starting with liposculpture, a form of liposuction that gently removes fat cells from a targeted area like the abdomen, waistline, inner/outer thighs, arms, or love handles. This fat is purified into living fat cells that can be injected into your buttocks. Dr. Stile strategically places these fat cells to provide your desired enhancement while helping the fat cells thrive in their new location. 

What is Recovery Like After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Recovery is extremely important for your long-term BBL results. Because the transferred fat cells need time to become established, you will need to avoid disturbing them. The most common effects after the procedure are soreness and swelling in the liposuction area or your buttocks. Your buttocks may initially look larger or firmer than you expected but will adjust to your desired results over time. 

You will need to avoid pressure on your buttocks for at least three to four weeks after treatment. You can usually return to work after about a week, but you will need to use a special Brazilian butt lift pillow to sit. This pillow transfers your weight to your thighs. You will also need to avoid sleeping on your back. 

Full results will take six to eight weeks to develop. While most of the transferred fat cells will survive the journey, some will not, so if your butt looks overfilled at first, this effect will go away. Swelling will also resolve, providing the natural-looking shape you expected. 

How Long Do Results Last After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

One of the biggest advantages of a BBL is that your results can last a lifetime. Fat cells stay in your body as long as you live, and the fat cells in your butt are no exception. However, they can change in size if your weight changes significantly. A healthy lifestyle will help you maintain your results looking just like you want them to. 

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