What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

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Age causes a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Skin can begin to sag as the skin loses its natural elasticity and firmness. Lines and wrinkles form around the eyes and mouth while sagging skin takes definition away from the jawline and chin. A facelift can restore the features you had years ago to help you look more youthful and energized

What is a Facelift?

Each facelift is an individualized procedure tailored to your needs. In general, a facelift is a surgical procedure that diminishes the signs of aging on the face and neck. Dr. Stile and the team at Stile Aesthetics perform facelifts to lift, smooth, and tighten the skin and underlying structures. A facelift can produce results when non-invasive treatments no longer give you the desired results against the signs of aging. 


*Individual Results May Vary

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

When performed by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Stile, a facelift offers many anti-aging benefits. You can enjoy results such as:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter, smoother facial skin
  • Restored volume in areas like the cheeks
  • More sculpted jawline 
  • Overall more youthful appearance
  • Natural-looking lift that looks like you but younger

A facelift lifts the skin and repositions underlying muscles and fat to restore them to their proper location. This gives a much more natural look than simple skin tightening. Dr. Stile will customize your facelift to address your concerns. 

How Does a Facelift Work?

Dr. Stile makes small incisions hidden in the hairline and around the ears to perform a facelift. These incisions allow him to remove excess skin and other tissue, lifting and tightening the skin for a smoother appearance. The deeper layer of tissue, the SMAS layer, is also adjusted to give a youthful, natural-looking appearance. 

The procedure will generally take between four and six hours under general anesthesia. Facelifts are performed as outpatient procedures, and you can go home after spending some time in the recovery area. 


What is Recovery Like From a Facelift?

You will see some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the days following the procedure. Dr. Stile will apply dressings after surgery and replace these at your first follow-up visit. He will also prescribe medication as needed to manage the initial discomfort. Most people can return to work and light exercise within two weeks. Avoid activities that could involve injury to the face. 

How Long Will a Facelift Last?

The aging process continues after a facelift, so the procedure can be viewed as turning the clock back. You will always look younger with your facelift than without it, but you will still show signs of aging over time. A facelift can last ten years or more before noticeable signs of aging start to affect it. A good skincare routine and diligent sun protection will help maintain your results. 

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